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Sunday, 20 November 2011

CO - Influences/techniques for the video

A band member being dragged through the forest.
I have recently come across another video that has ideal influences and ideas that we could try and replicate in our video, which focuses on both conceptual narrative and performance. The band in question is Leeds-based hardcore band Pulled Apart By Horses, and the song being Back To The F*ck Yeah. The basic narrative is the band playing in a forest normally up until they are pulled dramatically by an unseen force and dragged around their location, then escape and return to their instruments where they start playing again.

I believe that this is an important style to try and implement into our video; the location principally as it is a dark part of the country; we could shoot the performance of our video in a forest rather than in open moorland but we'll decide that as a group later. Obviously this video is comedic and doesn't focus on seriousness whereas our video will be slightly more downbeat and earnest, yet aspect such as the location and performance will be similar. It also continues the narrative enigma of the thing attacking them in the video, as our video will do as well; except obviously with a few flashes of fangs and fur rather than totally nothing.

Here is the video embedded below; please excuse the expletives.

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