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Thursday, 3 November 2011

RM - My Consumption of Music Vids

My consumption of music videos is mainly through YouTube and music channels. I tend to watch music videos on a daily basis. Although out of all the music channels there is a small handful I tend to watch regularly, these channels are: NME, Scuzz, Kerrang, Q and MTV Rocks. This is due to what genres the majority of my favourite bands are classed as, these genres tend to be rock and indie-rock. I also tend to watch Vintage TV and MTV Classic but only when music from the 1980s is on as I like a lot of music from that period. Most of the age ranges for these music videos are 15 - 24 with the exception of the 80s period which is now 35 - 50 but has a second audience of 15 – 24.
I have only brought one CD which contains a DVD which features a music video DVD. This was Depeche Mode’sThe Best Of, Vol. 1”. However I have also bought several music videos on iTunes, either by themselves are in an EP format. The music videos I have bought consist of:
Biffy Clyro's and Kasabian's music videos were bought with an album or an EP. All of the Biffy Clyro music videos were bought with “Only Revolutions” whereas the only Kasabian music video was bought with the "Days Are Forgotten - EP".

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