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Thursday, 15 March 2012

RM: Drafting Evaluation: Question 3

3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?

- Specify who the primary and secondary target audience are.
- How we obtained this feedback and what their age and gender is
   - Youtube, Twitter, Sputnick music (forum), Facebook, etc.
- Discuss specific points and go into one cut’s feedback in detail – show the differences between before and after this feedback.
- Mention that not all feedback is necessarily good – use examples and explain why group thought not to use it.
- Summarise including my opinions on how well the feedback was and it was useful or not for each of the three products.

For the Music Videos mention:
- Removed all the shots with houses in, thus improved mise-en-scene and made the location appeared more isolated and fits into the genres to a better degree. This was done by a mixture of rotating, cropping and scaling up the clips in final cut express.
- Removed the cursing and replaced with beeps again used final cut express -> adds comedy aspect which plays a subpart throughout
- Tried to have a 4 split screen shot however the group and feedback said it didn’t reflect the genre. Therefore it didn’t make it into a rough cut.
- Not all over layering suits the aspects where used -> re-edited in final cut and have got repeated feedback on these aspects where it works and where it doesn’t.
- Diegetic introduction too long -> reduced clips was 36 seconds now under 30
- Added earthquake effects -> have a sense of sound waves moving the camera
- A common convention of having more close-ups of Sam did this in the reshoot but also scaled the clips.
For the Digipak mention:
- Cartoon like imagery
- Use of found photographs and images
- Didn't suit genre
- Not in line with our target audience
- Didn't tie into other products

For the Magazine Advert:
- Too much text and unnecessary information (had a single cover for the chosen song)
- Lack of tie into the other two products
- Didn't fit into our target audience and where the product would be found Terrorizer and Rock Sound

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